Shower Aids

Tubbuddy Tilt SB2T

Effortless transfer into bathtub showers.

TubBuddy Tilt brings all the benefits of TubBuddy, with the additional maneuverability of a tilt function to clear the user’s legs over the bath.

TubBuddy Tilt SB2T requires no remodelling of a bathroom

Mobility impairments can vary from person to person and needs evolve over time. For carers supporting individuals with reduced leg movement and a bath-style shower at home, the TubBuddy Tilt may be the right choice.

As with all Showerbuddy products, TubBuddy Tilt requires no remodelling of a bathroom.  In under an hour of initial setup, users will have a complete bathroom mobility solution with a high quality shower chair and stable tub base.

Thanks to its 0-30 degree tilt, in-home carers can lean users back to clear legs over the side of a bathtub-style shower.  This isn’t just more comfortable for the user and makes transfers that much easier for carers, it also gives valuable pressure relief for the users comfort and weight distribution.

The tilt function is operated with a release handle that’s interchangeable to either side, making it flexible to any bath configuration.

SB2T will also roll over most toilets.  Life is made so much easier and hygienic with the TubBuddy Tilt.  Mobility impairment no longer requires bathroom remodelling.

At a glance

  • Tilting Function for Easier Bath Clearance
  • Interchangeable Tilt Release (Left or Right side)
  • Strong, Stable Design with Tub Stabilisers
  • No Damage to Bathroom
  • Easier for Carers

How it works


TubBuddy Tilt’s design consists of a high quality mobility chair and a tub base that is stabilised inside the bathtub. When not showering, with the bath base and bridge put away in a cupboard, other members of the family can enjoy the bathtub and bathroom.

When a user is ready for bathing with a carer’s help:

  • The seated user is prepared for bathing.
  • A carer will secure the user with the comfortable safety belts
  • Using the tilt release, the carer leans the user back so that the footrest clears the edge of the bathtub.
  • The user is then transferred across into the bath, and leaned forward back into a comfortable resting position.
  • Once showering is complete, the carer will repeat the process in reverse.


TubBuddy Tilt SB2T is a comfortable toilet aid:

  • Position the TubBuddy Tilt over the home toilet. It may need to be height adjusted.
  • Lock the TubBuddy Tilt into place with the sturdy locking caster wheels.
  • TubBuddy Tilt’s seat and frame is easy to clean for carers.
  • SB2T comes with a complete commode system for use away from the home bathroom toilet.


  • Please feel free to download a PDF copy of the TubBuddy Tilt SB2T Specifications for reference.

    Weight capacity – 250kg

  • Tilt angle 0-30 degrees, infinite positioning
  • Rolls over most standard toilets
  • Arms – removable / lockable / flip-back
  • Height adjustable
  • Safety mechanisms & side stabilizers on bath base
  • Footrests – removable and swing-away
  • No rust aluminium frame (Grade 6061 T6)
  • Stainless steel parts and hardware (Grade 304)
  • Safety belts – lap & chest belts plus calf strap
  • Caster Wheels – 125mm x 4 locking
  • Commode system
  • Neck rest, fully adjustable
  • Tool-free assembly