Adjustable Beds


Comfort – Mobility – Independence

Liberty Healthcare Adjustable Beds are ideal for people with a disability, to provide greater independence, ease of positioning whilst in the bed, safely transfer in and out of the bed, all the while looking stylish in any home care setting.


  • Having the ability to elevate your head may improve postural support, ease symptoms of reflux, respiratory conditions, snoring and sleep apnoea. Elevating your legs may assist with circulation and helps with tired, swollen or painful limbs.
  • By elevating both head and leg elevations, a position commonly known as Zero Gravity, the end user can relieve pressure on sore joints, reduce body surface compression and generally relax muscles to achieve a restful state.
  • The HiLo function is useful for both the end user and carer. This function essentially raises the whole bed to a suitable height and enables for ‘stepping off’ the bed by the end user at a suitable height for them. Hilo also assists when making the bed and cleaning under the bed, giving further independence to the end user.
  • Tilt (also know as Trendelenburg) is a function that enables a forward and reverse tilt of the bed incline plan. The Liberty Tilt offers one of the highest tilt capabilities on the market, 14 and 13 degrees respectively.


  • Customisation/Scripting
  • Bed Frame and Base Platform Quality Steel
  • 6 Bed Functionality Options
  • European Electric
  • Variable Lockable Castor Options
  • Companion Bed Compatibility
  • Handsets & Bed Control (Tilt)