Mobility Scooters



  • Rear suspension
  • Automatic folding
  • Padded seat with armrests
  • Multi-grip delta handlebars
  • Plane safe lithium battery
  • 27kg without battery

The Solax Transformer Soft-Tail is the new version of the Solax Transformer. It offers the same features as the Solax Genie Plus with a few additional comfort features.

Most notable the rear-suspension system, which allows for additional comfort when travelling on uneven footpaths or for users that suffer from back pain. The angled front footplates have an anti-slip coating, allowing for more legroom and more grip for the feet while travelling. This can be especially useful for users that don’t have much feeling or movement in their legs/feet, helping to keep the feet from flipping off the baseplate and interfering with the front wheels.

Much like many of the Solax scooter range, the Transformer Soft-Tail is a fully automatic folding mobility scooter. Users can choose from 3 different folding options, including:

  1. Automatic fold via remote control
  2. Automatic fold via in-build controls on the rear of the scooter
  3. Manual fold – especially useful if the battery has gone flat or for air-travel where the battery needs to be removed from the scooter

The dash has an easy to use, yet attractive design, allowing easy access to all the main on-board information and controls such as:

  • Keyed ignition
  • Speed control dial
  • Horn
  • Light-up battery bar

The wrap-around delta-handlebars allow for multiple grip positions and one-handed operation and protect the control levers from accidental bumps by the user, helping to minimise the risk of falls.

There is a range of accessories available to complement the Solax Transformer, all of which are genuine Solax branded accessories and have been designed and tested for compatibility:

  • Collapsible front basket with moulded mounting bracket
  • Clip-on mirrors
  • Padded battery travel-bag
  • Hard-case travel suitcase
  • Side/Rear bag
  • Battery docking station