The Let’s Go – Indoor Rollator is a walking aid specifically designed for indoor use.

It is made from lightweight aluminium and has a flexible frame, making it excellent for maneuvering in narrow corridors around the house.
The dual brakes are both operated by a single hand and double as a parking brake for extra safety. A soft, adjustable handle ensures a comfortable user experience. A clip-on carry bag and tray improves the functionality of the Let’s Go – Indoor Rollator.

The rollator can be tidily folded away for storage or transportation.


  • Bag length: 390mm
  • Bag width: 280mm
  • Bag depth: 180mm
  • Handle height: 838-914mm
  • Tray height: 711mm
  • Length: 630mm
  • Width between rear wheels: 457mm
  • Width at front: 432mm
  • Width at back: 559mm
  • Wheel diameter: 150mm
  • Max carrying weight: 6kg
  • Max User Weight: 100kg