Gradient 1:10 Wing (Individual)

Extending ramp by providing side access and alleviating trip hazards.

Wings range from 35mm to 150mm high. Each sold separately, prices are per wing.

Wings 105mm to 150mm are available on a Made to Order basis.

Sizes not listed in this price list are considered to be custom made and are subject to a written quotation.

SKU Size: Weight
WING10/035BK 350mm(B) x 35mm(A) x 350mm(B) 0.80 kg
WING10/040BK 400mm(B) x 40mm(A) x 400mm(B) 1.05 kg
WING10/045BK 450mm(B) x 45mm(A) x 450mm(B) 1.70 kg
WING10/050BK 500mm(B) x 50mm(A) x 500mm(B) 2.05 kg
WING10/055BK 550mm(B) x 55mm(A) x 550mm(B) 2.85 kg
WING10/060BK 600mm(B) x 60mm(A) x 600mm(B) 3.40 kg
WING10/065BK 650mm(B) x 65mm(A) x 650mm(B) 4.30 kg
WING10/070BK 700mm(B) x 70mm(A) x 700mm(B) 5.20 kg
WING10/075BK 750mm(B) x 75mm(A) x 750mm(B) 6.70 kg
WING10/080BK 800mm(B) x 80mm(A) x 800mm(B) 7.70 kg
WING10/085BK 850mm(B) x 85mm(A) x 850mm(B) 9.10 kg
WING10/090BK 900mm(B) x 90mm(A) x 900mm(B) 10.70 kg
WING10/095BK 950mm(B) x 95mm(A) x 950mm(B) 12.40 kg
WING10/100BK 1000mm(B) x 100mm(A) x 1000mm(B) 14.70 kg
WING10/105BK 1050mm(B) x 105mm(A) x 1050mm(B) 17.60 kg
WING10/110BK 1100mm(B) x 110mm(A) x 1100mm(B) 19.30 kg
WING10/115BK 1150mm(B) x 115mm(A) x 1150mm(B) 22.95 kg
WING10/120BK 1200mm(B) x 120mm(A) x 1200mm(B) 24.80 kg
WING10/125BK 1250mm(B) x 125mm(A) x 1250mm(B) 28.9 kg
WING10/130BK 1300mm(B) x 130mm(A) x 1300mm(B) 33.5 kg
WING10/135BK 1350mm(B) x 135mm(A) x 1350mm(B) 36.5 kg
WING10/140BK 1400mm(B) x 140mm(A) x 1400mm(B) 38 kg
WING10/145BK 1450mm(B) x 145 mm(A) x 1450mm(B) 44.1 kg
WING10/150BK 1500mm(B) x 150mm(A) x 1500mm(B) 47.05 kg