Gradient 1:10 Awing – Ramp & Wings Combo

Extending ramp by providing side access and alleviating trip hazards.

Available in black.

Sizes not listed in this price list are considered to be custom made and are subject to a written quotation.

SKU Size: Weight
AWING10/10BK 10mm(A) x 100mm(B) x 900mm(C) x 1100mm(D) 0.4 kg
AWING10/15BK 15mm(A) x 150mm(B) x 900mm(C) x 1200mm(D) 0.8 kg
AWING10/20BK 20mm(A) x 200mm(B) x 900mm(C) x 1300mm(D) 1.4 kg
AWING10/25BK 25mm(A) x 250mm(B) x 900mm(C) x 1400mm(D) 2.0 kg
AWING10/30BK 30mm(A) x 300mm(B) x 900mm(C) x 1500mm(D) 3.9 kg