Adjustable Beds


Exceptional care

Caregiving is now complemented by the introduction of our dynamic BodyMove™ system, helping form part of your first line of defence against tissue damage. When moving from a supine to sitting position in bed, the body naturally lengthens. Empresa’s BodyMoveTM auto-regression feature accommodates this change, so not only does it help with pressure distribution, it helps improve comfort too. With all essential clinical features to aid safe nursing and residents’ independence, the Empresa bed has people at the heart of its design. Test results showed a 23% reduction in average pressure over the sacral area with the Empresa BodyMove technology, when compared to a standard nursing bed.

Ergonomic handling

A comfortable to hold handset with a simple one-touch operation, activates pre-programmed care and comfort positions, as well as other profiling options. And with safety top of mind too, there is a lockout function to prevent unauthorised and inadvertent use, and an auto safety stop, inhibiting the bed from being lowered to below 200 mm. Helping ensure effortless manoeuvrability and even greater levels of safety, the Empresa bed also comes equipped with eight castors and our UniSafe™ braking system. Moving the bed around the room couldn’t be easier and it takes only a single press of a pedal to secure each set of brakes. Putting you in control.

Ultimate flexibility

Everything you need in just one bed. Built-in adjustability gives the option to vary dimensions and a wide range of universal accessories allows you to utilise your assets fully, even when the profile of your resident changes. Combined with less risk of downtime, streamlined procurement and reduced training needs, the Empresa bed deserves a closer look. And clinical functionality supports nursing care when needed, with full height adjustment for caregiver safety – all packaged in a choice of eye-catching and bespoke designs to help showcase your home. Making life simpler.